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Our approach to securing your environment revolves around resiliency. From sitting down and educating you on the potential entry points of hackers, we then inform you of different options that you can protect your network.


Assessment & Advice

We gather information about your network and systems. Once we form this idea we put together options for you that will defend against attackers


Monitoring & Alerting

Once you agree on the level of security you would like to get, we have the staff to monitor it for you 24×7. If we find something suspicious, we can then either contact you or we can do the work ourselves.


Incident Response

If a hacker gains access to your network, we will engage to dissect the footprint of the attack and advise on next steps.

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When it comes to overall security, the primary locations where variations can expose security issues are within user input, the network environment that consists of system resources, files and applications, and internal logic and adata in the system.